Eye Health Exam

Routine annual eye examinations and vision testing are highly recommended for patients of all ages. From children to seniors, examination of the eyes can be very useful for the early identification and prevention of both eye-related illnesses and general health concerns. In fact, the eyes are the only place within the body where blood vessels can be directly visualized. Thus, examination of the eye and retina can give unique insights into the health of the body’s entire blood or vascular system.

The opportunities for visual improvement are also greater than ever. Through prevention, proper nutrition, dietary supplements, the diligent use of eye medications, optical, laser, & surgical approaches, most eyes can be benefited and improved in the quality of images they create. These enhanced images can in turn affect the overall quality of vision, one of our major sensory inputs. Comprehensive eye examinations which include testing for visual acuity, clarity, visual fields, contrast sensitivity, depth of field (stereopsis), and suggestions for treatments as needed, can directly impact our quality of life.

Of course, anytime vision and eye-related problems do occur, early evaluation and treatment can make all the difference. Rapid diagnosis and intervention can restore and improve vision and also improve the appearance of the eyes themselves.

Many excellent options are now available for out-patient refractive surgery procedures, contact lenses, and designer eyewear, all tailored to your needs. Contact our office to schedule your consultation today!

Contact Lenses

We fit all contact lenses, whether soft or rigid. We specialize in difficult to fit cases and utilize a corneal topographer to map out the cornea for the most precise design of your contact lens. The topographer gives us a color scale map similar to a ground map that a pilot sees when flying over mountains. This gives us an advantage in that we are able to measure over 8,000 points on the cornea as opposed to the traditional 4 points.

If you are interested in contact lenses, let us know and in addition to your eye health evaluation, we will perform a contact lens exam to determine if your eyes are suitable for contact lenses and which lenses are best for your individual needs.

Laser Consultation

A consultation for laser vision correction is available to provide you with accurate information on the different options available giving you my assessment of the benefits, risks and limitations of laser vision correction. I hope to try to help you understand and address the fears that you may experience concerning laser vision correction.

I want to give you the information you need to help you decide if laser vision correction is right for you.


Annual visits for the general population and semi-annual or more frequent evaluations for those at higher risk are highly recommended. For those with any family history of glaucoma or a predisposition toward this condition, close monitoring of the optic nerves is essential.

Besides vision monitoring, eyes affected by glaucoma must be followed for their intra-ocular pressures (or IOP’s), their peripheral vision (through visual field testing) and their optic nerve health status (through pupillary dilation and recording of subtle changes in the nerve’s appearance). Treatments, specific to the needs of each patient, include medical, laser, and surgical options. The keys to success in glaucoma, with the goals of maximal vision retention and improvement, can best occur through early diagnosis and therapeutic treatments.

At Plano Eye Associates – East, we can answer all your questions and concerns about glaucoma as well as the following related conditions:

• Normal tension glaucoma – a condition where glaucoma exists in the setting of normal IOP

• Ocular hypertension – a condition where the IOP is elevated but without established glaucoma

• Glaucoma suspect – a condition where glaucoma is likely to develop but has not yet done so

I want to give you the information you need to help you decide if laser vision correction is right for you.

Ocular Allergies

Dryness and allergies are very common conditions. Many different conditions can produce a deficiency of one or more layers of a healthy tear film and a secondary ocular irritation pattern. Usually, the cause of dry eyes relates to a decrease in tear production, tear-film instability, or increased tear film evaporation, or even a combination of these 3 factors.

Keep in mind that Vitamin A deficiency and some forms of acne will also contribute to dryness of the eyes. Allergies may be seasonal, non-seasonal (atopic), eye-drop related or contact lens related.

Fortunately, many treatment options are available and each can be adjusted according to the severity or needs of each patient. As a tip, artificial tear eye drops, particularly those which are preservative free, can be tried as an initial therapy and often give some degree of benefit.

To assist with and resolve any symptoms you may be experiencing, contact our office to schedule your consultation and evaluation today!